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Paw Bed™

Paw Bed™

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Regular price €49,99 Sale price €99,99
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Paw Bed™

Regular price €49,99
Regular price €49,99 Sale price €99,99
SAVE 50% Sold out
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• Materials: The Paw Bed is made from durable polyester, known for its resilience and long-lasting quality. The water-resistant fabric ensures that the bed remains dry and comfortable, even in the event of spills or accidents. This high-quality material also makes the bed resistant to wear and tear, guaranteeing a product that will serve your pet for years to come.

• Ease of Maintenance: Designed for easy upkeep. The water-resistant polyester fabric can be easily wiped clean, making it simple to remove dirt, hair, and other debris. This feature not only keeps the bed looking fresh and new but also helps maintain a hygienic environment for your pet.

• Supportive Shape: The bed's circular design caters to your pet's natural sleeping posture. The raised rim provides additional support for your pet's head and neck, offering a sense of security and comfort. The plush inner cushioning ensures that your pet enjoys a soft, cozy resting place, promoting restful sleep and overall well-being.

• Perfect for All Pets:
The Paw Bed comes in a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for pets of all shapes and sizes, from small kittens to large dogs. Whether your pet likes to curl up or sprawl out, there is a Paw Bed that will suit their preferences.


Delivery of our Paw Beds will take approximately 7-15 working days to arrive at your doorstep from our warehouse. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing your pets with the utmost comfort.


Customers have 30 days from the date of delivery to return their packages. Please note that returns of torn or damaged Paw Beds will not be accepted. Detailed instructions, including our return address, can be found in the FAQ section of the Help Center. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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The Comfort Your Pets Deserve.

We emphasize on quality and convenience, ensuring that each bed is crafted from durable, pet-friendly materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

frequently asked questions


What materials are used in the Paw Bed?

• The primary material used is a water-resistant polyester fabric, which ensures the bed remains dry and easy to clean. This polyester is known for its durability, making the bed resistant to wear and tear and maintaining its shape over time.

The inner cushioning is made from wool, a soft material that offers a cozy and supportive resting place for your pet, promoting restful sleep and overall well-being.

How do I clean the Paw Bed?

Regular Cleaning:

  1. Shake Off Loose Debris
  2. Wipe Down the Surface
  3. Rinse and Wipe
  4. Dry Completely

Deep Cleaning:

  1. Vacuum the Bed
  2. Spot Clean Stains
  3. Hand Wash (if needed)
  4. Rinse and Wipe
  5. Dry

Maintenance Tips:

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe down the bed weekly to keep it fresh and free of dirt.
  • Vacuum Often: Vacuum the bed regularly to minimize pet hair buildup.

How do I determine the right size for my dog?

• Measure Your Dog:

Measure your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail and from the floor to the top of the shoulders. This will give you an idea of the bed length and height needed for your dog's comfort.

• Consider Weight:

Check your dog’s weight and refer to the weight recommendations for each bed size. This ensures that the bed will adequately support your dog's weight.

• Observe Sleeping Habits:

Observe how your dog likes to sleep. If your dog likes to stretch out, consider getting a larger bed. If your dog curls up or prefers a snug, cozy space, a smaller bed might be more suitable.

• Refer to the Size Chart:

We provide a detailed size chart as the last slide of the product's pictures. This chart lists the dimensions and recommended weight ranges for each size, from Small to Extra Extra Large, making it easy to choose the right bed for your pet.

Can the Paw Bed be used outdoors?

Yes, the Paw Bed can be used outdoors. It is crafted from high-quality, water-resistant polyester fabric, making it durable and suitable for outdoor use. The material ensures that the bed remains dry and comfortable, even in the event of spills or light rain. However, for longevity and to maintain its pristine condition, we recommend bringing the bed indoors during heavy rain or extreme weather conditions. This will help extend the life of the bed and ensure your pet continues to enjoy a comfortable and cozy resting place both indoors and outdoors.

  • Convenient

    Easy to move around, not only functional but also enhances the aesthetic of any room. Its stylish appearance ensures that it complements your home decor, making it a beautiful addition to any space.

  • Health Benefits

    Providing your pet with a dedicated, comfortable bed helps reduce stress, supports joint health, and improves their overall well-being.

  • Save Money

    Take advantage of our limited-time discounts ranging from 10% to 50%, with our competitive pricing you can provide your pet with a comfortable and stylish resting place without breaking the bank.

Transform Your Home Decor!

Combining style, comfort, and durability to create the perfect resting place for your pet. Treat your pet to the best with the Cloud Gray Paw Bed.

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